Sample Work

Specialised Bolt Fixings

Turned precision parts using the Haas ST10 and Haas VF2 to mill the slot. All the parts that we produce can be manufactured as one-off prototypes or as small to medium batches as required by the client.

Custom Screw Tops

Using a sample bottle as reference, we worked in consultation with our client to produce these stainless steel bottle tops. The production required the use of our Haas VF2 and and SL20 machines.

Intricate Pump Body

Produced in acetal as a prototype, we iterated this design a few times until our client was happy that it was perfect. It was later produced in stainless steel and used in the testing for flow and volume of a production line machine.

Bespoke Assembly

Complex turning using a Haas SL20, and 4th axis on Haas VF2 produced these 2 parts which were then screwed together as one. Assemblies are often undertaken according to our clients specifications.

Our Capabilities

Haas VF-2 milling

Haas VF-2

Vertical Machining Center

Haas VF-2YT vertical machining

Haas VF-2YT

Vertical Machining Center

Haas ST-10 turning

Haas ST-10

CNC Lathe Machine

CNC in action

Our Precision

The finest tolerances

We have all the latest technology at your disposal, from full CAD drawing analysis and refinement, to tool path creation and machining automation. This allows us to deliver the very best results in very competitive timescales.

Our personal touch

Our Services

Our reputation for quality

Taking your designs from drawings to industry-leading quality components, we work to extremely tight tolerances, and have the highest levels of quality inspection in place. We pride ourselves on delivering a perfect finished product.